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Connecting During Covid

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

September newsletter 2020

Happy beautiful fall! My apologies for not writing newsletters over the past few months. I have been spending most of my free time enjoying the gorgeous summer connecting with my family and making the best of the limited social outings. I hope you have all enjoyed your summer and have stayed healthy.

We have attended a few farmers markets as vendors and yesterday I had an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. When the Health for Life market journey began and I signed up for my first few vendor spots I was under the impression it was about exposure and selling my products. Although both of these things are of value I have come to realize that the main reason I am a vendor is to spread the word of healthy living, connecting and learning from like minded individuals. Speaking to someone about things that may improve their overall health is a pleasure, then to be able to provide a product that they will be using, is an honour. Being a part of someone’s life, their everyday routine, gives me an incredibly humbling feeling. I am so priveledged to be trusted and welcomed by so many wonderful individuals. I provide a personal service for them and in return I receive their trust, friendship and often information that I can learn from.

People who frequent the markets are already aware of the importance to shop local. Whether they are here because of health, environmental awareness or just convenience, they have knowledge and are like minded. We share information and inspiration. Listening to each other and gathering other points of view is a way for us to take what we are presented and turn it into something wonderfully enriching. We are able to change “the isolation” of physical distance to a deeper understanding of what is most important and how one individual at a time can change this world to be a better/healthier place. Listen, ask questions and be open to different views. Let’s be part of this movement to create a better place. Let us all work on a physically, mentally and emotionally better world and society.

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