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“I love being a parent.”

“I love being a parent.”

You hear this statement from many moms and dads. Parenting is no walk in the park. From the newborn to the teenager and then adulthood the challenges may slightly differ but they are non the less challenges. We love our children and that love is one only parents understand. This love does not go without struggle and heartache. There isn’t a manual on how to support these tiny humans on their journey to becoming the best version of themselves. We can figure out how to best keep them “safe” when they are small and dependent on us but as soon as they are mobile we are to protect them and also allow them to learn about dangers. We set limits and boundaries to assist them in their maturation. They rebel and don’t enjoy our limits and we hold firm because we believe it is in their best interest. This works out and we make it through the tough teens. Then our second child arrives at 13 and it it a whole new ballgame. What worked for the first may not for the second (or third..). All I can say is keep the limits and boundaries. Be “that” parent who restricts phones and social media and promotes family time. Have dinner as a family. Talk to each other and most of all listen. Being a parent is hard. What I have learned (and I am still learning) is the most important thing is to be there for your children, listen to their stories and ask, sincerely ask, how they are feeling. Love them unconditionally. They are humans trying to learn and grow. Support their growth by being there for them. This is a world different from the one we grew up in, but love and support are not any different. These kids need us. They need us to help guide them and allow them to be kids. They are growing up too quickly, loosing their time to learn how to be creative because they are never “bored”. Allow your children to be “bored” and see how they figure it out. Take them into nature and play with them. Maybe this world needs a reset and maybe families do also?

Thank you for your wonderful children. They are a gift!

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