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It is YOUR life! BE the driver!

You are the sovereign over your own life. You are your own guru. You are your own soulmate. You are the architect of your reality, and you have the power to create it as you choose.” Amy Leigh Mercree-The Mood Book; Crystals, oils and Rituals to elevate your spirit.

It is hard to believe that half a century has past by and I continue to be surprised about that reality. Despite a lot happening personally, and globally, it feels like it went by ridiculously quickly. Numerous lessons and experiences have taught me many things along the way. Some are less subtle than others. I am appreciative that the physical reminders have not been life threatening, and I will be able to get through them with work and dedication to my well-being. If ignored these are the precursors to what could lay ahead. These lessons are physical responses to a long history of pushing down my emotions and pretending that stress and anxiety don’t touch me. I have been forced to take a look at how I am managing my emotions.

The first nudge happened about a year ago. All of a sudden my hips became painful and locked. It interfered with work, exercise and every day activities. After some investigation it turns out the root cause is an extremely tight pelvic floor. As it seems, this area of the body is another place we hold stress and unaddressed emotions. The pelvic floor can become constricted, impeding functionality of other parts of the body and important organs within. A visit to a pelvic floor specialist taught me stretches and mindful breathing. These are specifically directed to this area of the body and has brought more awareness, and dramatic improvement in health and mobility.

The second lesson was more aggressive and demanding. It began as daily headaches, and moved to include nausea accompanied by gagging. The physical body was screaming for me too address emotions that have been held tightly. I became overcome by these symptoms. The physical manifestations were frustrating, and I became very emotional.

I was required to listen to my body and was not given a choice but to hear the message!!

I could not move forward the way I had been. My journey took a turn to encourage me to learn new skills, ways to manage my stress and express my emotions. It is hard to switch your mindset, and habits that are so solidly cemented by years of practice. Stress and anxiety are taxing on the body and ignoring them, or pushing the down, doesn’t work! I’ve taken a look at my life and I choose to make changes. My wake up calls were just a taste of the direction I was headed. I pride myself in keeping in good shape, eating healthy, exercising and getting lots of fresh air. I now also include “me time” where I stop and do some things just for me. I take a bath, meditate, practice yoga, or take some cleansing breaths. Although this does not come naturally, self love is the most important love. We cannot support anyone else if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. I want to be the best version of myself, for myself and for those I love. I see an exciting future full of adventures, family and fun. I can only have that if I take care of me.

Life is a journey full of lessons, challenges and growth. I’m tuned in and listening. I’m willing to do the work and put in the effort. I’m feeling the fruits of my labour and I am fully committed to learning what is best for me. Thank you for the love and support you have shown me. I appreciate the lovely people I surround myself with. I continue to look forward to sharing of my journey with you.

As you embrace this idea that you own your life, you begin to exercise dominion over it. “

A my Leigh Mercree-The Mood Book; Crystals, oils and Rituals to elevate your spirit.

*Health for Life* is a vendor at the Orangeville Farmers market twice monthly. We would love for you to stop by for a visit.

**HFL would appreciate your support...WE are looking for anyone who owns a rental property! If you, or someone you know, owns a house, yurt, cabin, cottage, or any other rental property Health for Life can supply your soap, body butter etc. What a great way to supply clients with a local artesian who makes all natural personal care products!! Support local and natural!


Lori Madgett Health for Life (She/her) “Love yourself!” Your journey to better health and wellness begins today!

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