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Quarantine Take 2

December newsletter

The shift in our world is powerful. Let’s take advantage of it and make it positive. We are spending more time in our homes and with our families. Most of the population is trying to keep themselves and those around them safe from a disease many of do not know much about. During this second round of lockdown try to keep yourself, your family and friends positive. Play games, get outside and eat healthy. Taking care of you physical and mental health will help you get through this time and maybe come out a healthier person. The earth will benefit from less cars on the road, but will suffer from more garbage in the landfills. Keep coming up with innovative ways to reduce your footprint. There is the option of refill stores*, shopping locally for healthy products* and loads of diy projects**that not only help your pocketbook, but also the environment. If every one does their part we will all come out of this in a positive way. Keep smiling and loving those around you. We’ve got this!!

*orangeville refillery, fermentonics, busylizzy boutique,

**recipe diy liquid laundry soap


15 sops nuts ( bulk barn)

8 cups of water

Essential oils ( your choice)


Bring water to a boil

Turn heat off and place nuts into the water.

Leave in pot to steep over night.

Strain water into a mason jar, or reuse a laundry detergent container.

Add a few drops essential oil. It won’t scent your clothing but takes the smell of soap nuts away.

Keep in the fridge as the nuts are natural and will go moldy at room temperature.

Use 1/4-1/2 cup for each load.

You can boost cleaning power by adding a sprinkle of borax in each load


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