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Seasonal Blues

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening”

Self talk can be inspirational, encouraging and loving. It can also be nasty, mean and toxic.

I have found that February is the month where I find it the most difficult to be kind to myself. I feel less motivation to be outside, due to the frigid temperatures-paired with the blasting wind. I want to eat...well just about everything that is not good for me and generally just want to stay buried under my duvet.

With the arrival of warmer temperatures and longer days start a new habit. As we enter the month of March, where renewal and new growth begin, refuel your energy and vitality by changing the inner voice vocabulary to be more encouraging and positive. Tell yourself (at least) one positive thing a day. “I am strong”, “I am a good person”...

When I was a Montessori teacher we knew how important it was to highlight positive things we saw in our students. I.E. Sadie I noticed you were very kind when you shared the crayons with Ellis and Taylor. Try an experiment with yourself. Every time you say something unkind in your head put a little scrap of paper in your left pocket. Every time you say a positive thing a little piece goes in your right pocket. See which pocket fills up more quickly. This may highlight what the content of you thoughts is and also make you more aware and able to change it.

Being kind to others comes easy for me, now it is time to try on myself. All the best in your positive self talk journey. You are worth it and I have faith that you can do it.

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