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Hello Health for Life friends and family

My apologies for missing a couple of months with my newsletter. It has been a busy time. This month we are gearing up to join the Orangeville market again on February 26 and every other Saturday from there. If you miss us, please do not hesitate to reach out for some products as we are happy to make and deliver them to you (or porch pick up).

Some of our Health for Life customers have requested information about our products and their benefits. I am dedicating this newsletter to these inquiries.

I appreciate any feedback and love hearing from you. If I am able make improvements and help someone have a better experience with our products, I am more than willing.

During this time of crazy health, and other situations, it is nice to know (and not overly surprising) that HFL has inquires about how to improve an individuals’ physical and mental health. As an integrative health coach, and a former Montessori educator, I know the importance of taking care of your well being and I love teaching you how to do that.

Benefits of using HFL natural products

Magnesium spray

There are many benefits from using magnesium spray. I prefer a topical form of this supplement simply because I can monitor how much I need, and it is easy to remember to use. I spray myself directly after a shower on my arms, upper legs, and stomach. I follow with HFL body butter to add moisture and seal in the magnesium. I have settled on 20 sprays daily and will adjust as needed. Your bowel movements will be an indication of too much, or too little.

Why do we need magnesium?

Magnesium is a mineral our body uses up and can only get trace amounts from food sources. HFL spray is made in individual glass bottles with 100% pure magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water. It is free of environmental toxins and made to order (we can add some EOs when requested). Magnesium spray has a host of benefits. It is the “relaxing” mineral that can help aide; sleep, muscle cramping, constipation, anxiety, depression, prevent migraines, and improve cardiovascular and bone health. It is also known to boost energy and help keep your skin soft.

I notice a difference if I have forgotten to use it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Natural Soap

Health for Life natural soaps are made in small batches and each one is unique. We make our soaps from excellent ingredients that are good for your skin.

Glycerine Soaps are made from a pure olive oil soap base. This great moisturizer cleanses the skin without leaving behind any residue. The ingredients help to balance PH levels and do not strip anything away (except the dirt). These soaps are vegan and biodegradable.

Triple Butter Soaps are made from natural butters-cocoa, mango, and shea. These soaps clean, sooth and moisturize the skin. They are vegetable based and, SLS and SLES free.

African Black Face Soaps are made using shea butter and raw Africa black soap. They soothe and cleanse your skin and have an excellent lather. We add some extra ingredients to help with a variety of skin situations. These soaps are vegetable based and SLS and SLES free.

Goat’s Soap is primarily used in our shampoo bars. It is high in butterfat and vitamin E making it a perfect moisturizer. The HFL shampoo bars are a great addition to your shower routine, perfect to take when travelling and your hair will thank you. I follow with an apple cider vinegar rinse (See recipe at bottom of article) and have found that my hair has never been healthier. I have read that because of the high level of butterfat this does not lather as much as the other varieties. I have not found that to be the case for me, but if this does happen it will not compromise its effectiveness.


Health for Life came to be because of the natural deodorant named Lavtree (formerly “Pink”). My family has a history of breast cancer, and I did not want to add chemicals to already questionable genetic predisposition. Many years ago, I tried all the natural deodorants on the market and could not find any that was satisfying my needs. I was given the original recipe from a friend (who had fought and survived breast cancer) and I have worked with it ever since. Along the way we have made some adjustments and added some different varieties. In the end this is one of my favorite products that we make.

Not only do the ingredients scream moisture and nurturing for your pits they are also very effective. The main ingredient is coconut oil, and it is anti fungal and anti bacteria which helps keep away any offensive (to some) smells. We are also very aware that there some baking soda sensitivities and therefore have made one variety of deodorant with clay instead of baking soda.

Body Butter

Health for Life makes a beautiful body butter. It is rich in moisture with a hint of EO scent that you can wear anywhere. Every ingredient is mindfully selected since it will be applied to the largest organ the human body has. We want to nourish it and give it love and care. As you know everything you put on your body is absorbed into your blood. Not only that but your skin is the protective shield to any unwanted infections and illnesses, let’s take good care of it. The body does not have to work very hard to process this all-natural product and will thank you for how silky smooth it feels.

Face Cream

Our face creams are made to address different skin needs. If you are suffering with acne, you would gravitate towards the “Teen Cream”, and if you have aging skin the “Forever Young”. Either way you are getting the benefits of a nourishing, creamy and cooling moisturizer that feels wonderful going on your face. Tea tree (teen) is an anti-bacterial EO that helps calm down the irritation that causes acne and Frankincense (FY) is known to help slow down the aging process.

Bath Bomb

For those of you who know me I love my baths. I hadn’t thought of creating bath bombs until I was asked to run a DIY bath bombs with students I was teaching. This was so fun we decided to do some as part of our product line.

Our bombs have coconut oil as the binder and base and then added essential oils, Epsom salts and sometimes buds or flowers depending on the variety you choose. They are fun to make and even more fun to soak in. They leave your skin silky smooth and so moisturized with a hint of scent for you to enjoy all evening (or day).

Lip Balm

This product is the one my children enjoy and use the most! With the moisture rich coconut oil paired with some bee’s wax to seal it in, our lips are NEVER cracked or dry. Enjoy either the cooling sensation of the peppermint, or the fresh energy producing scent of grapefruit.

ACV Hair rinse Recipe.


Small spray bottle (plastic for safety in the shower)

2 tbls apple cider vinegar

Fill with water (approx. 1-2 cups)


Mix ingredients in the bottle and after shampooing with HFL shampoo bar rinse out shampoo and spray generously with the ACV hair rinse. Wait (I do the rest of my shower routine) and then rinse. *Your hair will not smell like vinegar after it has dried.

Reasons WHY you should USE THE ACV HAIR RINSE

1. Apple cider vinegar contains a good amount of acetic acid. This helps promote lower PH in the hair and help it to be more alkaline. This will improve the look of dry, dull looking hair.

2. ACV helps control bacteria and fungi growth that can lead to hair and scalp problems (itchiness and infections)

3. ACV is known to be high in vitamins C and B and contains alpha-hydroxy acid. The minerals are good for your hair and the alpha-hydroxy acid helps to exfoliate the scalp and help prevent dandruff.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this summary of some of the HEALTH FOR LIFE products and it answers some of your questions. If you want more information do not hesitate to reach out and speak to us. We are at the Farmer’s Market in Orangeville (every other Saturday) and also can be reached at our website

Thank you for your continued support.

Lori Madgett


Health for Life (owner)

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