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Who needs of a bit of this?

Small changes can make big healthy habits!

January is a tough month for many of us.

Feeling overstuffed, bloated, and sad? Broke, worried, and tired?

The month following the holiday season can be a rough one. I know how this feels and I can (and sometimes do) spend time focusing on what I “cannot do”, or “what is not enough”. I don’t have time to exercise, it’s too cold/dark to get outside, I don’t have money for the rising bills…COVID-19..on and on goes the cycle of negativity.

I am blessed and thankful to have a voice of reason and understanding under my roof.

If you are not in the same situation, reach out to a good friend, family member, mentor, or therapist and let them know you are in need. They may not know what is going on with you. Grab their attention and let them know.

Everyone needs something different. For me, if my physical body is feeling fit and strong, my mind becomes healthier and more positive. The suggestion that worked for me was to start a “plank challenge”. Every day I am inserting a plank (30-60 seconds) every hour, for 21 days. This is helping me feel stronger in mind and body. It allows a brief pause to focus on only holding my body for a minute. It changes my mindset and allows me to do something good for my body while practicing being in the moment. This is a good way for me to slow down the spinning negativity, it also may help you. Try 30 seconds of planking 4 times during your day. Work from here and build up to longer planks, more often. This might not be your forte, and you may need a less physical outlet? Some ideas may include a journal, poetry reading/writing, meditation, or yoga (start with a short practice-10 mins and work from there) these are great ways to keep your mind healthy. Whatever you think would work for you, is worth a try.

Make a small reasonable, doable change. Make it easy to insert into your day, create a healthy habit and see what happens. Support a friend, co-worker, or family member, they may need a positive friend. Let us create a energy wave and be there for each other. This world needs more positivity, let us work together, one person at a time. Share your thoughts with us and when you help someone (or do something for yourself) send us a message on our social media platform's or our website.

We can inspire each other with different ideas and be there for those who are in need.

2021 will be the year of great things! Your only limit is your mind.

Pass it on!!

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